You can’t avoid them – problems come with every wedding. It can cause you a lot of stress and it can also ruin the best laid plans.

But hey, we can do this.


To accommodate all the picky eaters is a stressful moment when planning your reception, and the only thing you can do is prepare! Vegans, diabetics, gluten-free or other allergies can be listed and discussed with the caterer before the wedding. They can create special menus or courses to fulfill all requests. Besides that, if you have a lot of family members and friends who don’t like special or exotic food, just keep it simple to please everyone. Consider having a buffet- or family style meal.


You already have enough stress… and then there is your mum. Telling you not to cry, worrying about your dress, decoration details, and the music that is too loud. Remember she is coming from a place of love; she just wants to help you. If you want to avoid this, hire a wedding planner who can create a stress-free and relaxed wedding (and mom) for you.


Toasts can be embarrassing, but fun. But you can also have these unexpected drunken words of a guest, which are inappropriate and annoying. To avoid this make sure you or your wedding planner know specifically who is delivering a wedding toast. Make a list of who is going to give a speech and don’t stray from it. This toasting guideline is a must for a stress free dinner without tacky toasts and embarrassing stories. If there are guests who want to say something at last minute, ask them to share it at the rehearsal dinner or keep it for the farewell brunch.


Always assume that they’re coming, even though you didn’t get a response. If you have time in your busy wedding preparation planning, give them a call. As frustrating as it can be, people who don’t RSVP have lost the card in the mail most of the time. Ask your mum or fiancé to help you to call the guests to confirm whether or not they’re attending your wedding. No response? Make sure you have enough food and seats for them.


If you have a tight budget, “plus ones” are always a problem. You need to make choices, but to make it easier for you here is a big trick. Always make sure that each of your guests knows at least a handful of other guests so they feel welcome and comfortable at your wedding day. Invite your more single friends and relatives without dates, and unmarried friends and relatives can be invited (consider inviting their parents), just make sure everyone feels comfortable and explain the problem to your guests if they complain.


Do you want an adults-only reception, but you know that some guests will insist their kids should be the exception? Putting adult-only reception on your invitation can cause stress and complaints, so be careful with your presentation of it. Be clear on your invitation with the topic and don’t be ‘too-in-your-face’. Our tip: create the best of both worlds. Have sitters and a fun kid-friendly space where they can run around and have fun together. In this way you treat the parents to a kid-free evening where they can enjoy the party, but still have their children nearby.


Since you were young you probably have been dreaming about this moment, your wedding day. You have it all sorted out and planned, at least in your mind. But then there is your fiancé, who is concerned about good beer, enough food, and a fun night while you want to have a classical and elegant wedding theme. The solution: compromise! Be creative and make sure both of you can have the wedding you always dreamed about (we know he didn’t do that for a long time). For example, have a classical and elegant ceremony and create a relaxed and fun reception with a beer bar and some barbecue stations. The important thing: be happy! See also our other blog about ‘man up your wedding’ to add some masculinity to your wedding.

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