Standesamt Wien für den 21. Bezirk Wedding | Fun before Lockdown

We had an amazing start to this wedding venue in Vienna at the Standesamt, Wien, 1220, with the lovely Marcel and Christina. They had already chosen us to photograph both halves of their family in our studio in Vienna a month of two before the wedding, and it was lovely to reconnect and to share their special day.

The day began at the registry office in Standesamt, Wien, 1220 and for the reception, the festivities moved to the great Flokal, Süßenbrunner Platz 11, A – 1220 Wien.

Boy did we have fun!!! As the official Destination Wedding Photographers we captured laughs, love and lots of fun, featuring the spirit and personalities of the happy couple. The portraits below say it all. The amazing day had an extra poignancy as the first COVID Lockdown in Austria began the following day.

KULHAVY13032020 (194 of 671).jpg


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