Dreams Cakes Gozo | Unique Wedding Cakes with a Smile

Looking for a wedding cake that is completely unique, tasty and doesn’t break the bank? Look no further! Dreams Cakes Gozo is owned and operated by Juliet Cauchi and here to make your dream wedding cake.

Dream Cakes Gozo | Wedding cakes made in Gozo

Juliet has always enjoyed cooking and baking and from a young age has been making cakes for family celebrations. “But I guess the cake making took off more once I had my first child and I wanted to create him wonderful birthday cakes” Juliet says.

She went to the BRIT school in the Croydon, UK and studied performing arts art and theatre design; a masterclass in skills and creativity which transferred to making world class cakes and sugarcraft.

Juliet’s talents help make a dream day complete with a dream cake. “Dreams Cakes Gozo” guarantees “exactly what it says on the tin”.

Dream Cakes Gozo | Wedding cakes made in Gozo

There are many factors to consider when creating a dream cake, for example, size, flavours and colours. But importantly here on Malta with high humidity and very hot weather even in winter, it is important to consider where the cake will be served inside or outside, for how long before it is served, and what is the covering on the cake. Icing, frosting and ganache all have their own properties, and Juliet offers each client expert advice to bring together the concept of the wedding couple’s cake ideas with the practicalities of the special day.

Catering for clients with dietary needs is also a challenge which Juliet’s experience can overcome. Recently, she has catered for a client who had dairy, wheat and nut allergies. The result was so successful that she was asked by a guest to make a birthday cake for her son who also suffered from a range of dietary intolerances. It was the first birthday cake that the son had ever been able to enjoy! Weddings cakes can even be made using fruit and honey instead of sugar.

Juliet creates an average of 9 unique cakes per month, and prices start from 40 EUR. Each cake has about a one week lead time from concept to finished product and are made from the best ingredients, so that the cake tastes as good as it looks.

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